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    The DA11 measures exceptionally well and it also sounds stunningly refined and musical.  We have devoted a lot of resources to fine-tune the audio performance through repeated audition and modifications.  We have also paid a lot of attention to small details. The DA11 operation is controlled intuitively through a single high precision probably damped volume knob.  All playback and setting information are clearly displayed on the large IPS wide-angle LCD screen.

    Jitter and Interface Control (JIC) System.This is our 4th generation proprietary high precision low tolerance FPGA solution.  It will enhance audio performance by optimized data integrity, de-jitter, and minimized digital artifact before the digital signal transmits to the DAC chip. We have improved the accuracy and compatibility of our algorithm in the latest revision.
    The JIC involves the following process:
    ●  Receive and convert all input digital signals into low-jitter I2S bit-stream.
    ●  De-jitter by FIFO digital signal buffering while synchronizing with the built-in Femtosecond Oscillators. 
    ●  Pulled in and locked the signal by a dual PLL.
    ●  Distribute and synchronize the signal and then output high-quality low-jitter I2S bit-stream through FIFO.

Daart YuLong DA11 ES9038PRO DSD512 DAC 768kHz Decoding Amp Preamplifier Desktop Decoder Headphone Amplifier

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