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    YinLvMei S3lite portable decoding amp can support DSD512 2.5 balanced Android Apple headphone amplifier


    S3lite is a small size and low power consumption version of S3. Compared with S3, it has the following characteristics:


    1. The volume is reduced by 1/2, only 50mmX22mmX11mm


    2. The 4.4 balanced output interface is changed to 2.5 balanced output.


    3. Upgraded the USB main control, supports 32bit/768KHZ DSD512 hard decoding (Android phones can support it)


    4. The DAC is replaced by AK4497 to AK4462 (this chip is a high-end small-volume DAC chip newly released by AKM in the first half of this year, featuring low power consumption, small size, high sound quality, and DSD512).


    5. The power consumption is greatly reduced, which is less than 1/3 of that of the S3. It does not generate heat at all, and the single-port thrust maintains the S3 level.


    6. The essence of the S3 secondary screen is retained, independent volume adjustment, 8 DSD filters, and one-key mute are retained.


    7. Eliminate the popping sound at the moment of power-on, and the user experience continues to improve.


    8. Continue to adopt a complete architecture, USB+DAC+LPF+AMP+ independent positive and negative power supplies.


    9. LPF retains the high-quality dual op amp OPA1612, and the amp continues to use the custom dual op amp.


    10. One-piece CNC body + 2.5D glass + embedded reinforced USB interface.


    11. Output power, single-ended 32 ohm load, 1KHZ, A totalitarian power, 180mw, balanced 270mw.


    12. The weight is only 18 grams.


    13. A high-quality silver-plated Type-C OTG cable + PC data cable is included, and an Apple cable is optional.

YinLvMei S3lite portable decoding amp headphone amplifier

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