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    S.M.S.L Tabebuia 10th anniversary HIFI speaker wind Suzuki speaker specially designed wavecor bass unit speaker
    S. M.S.L 10th anniversary brand plan
    With the "Sound from amenity forest" fever speaker
    Real, Natural, Gentle
    Masterpieces of the 10th anniversary
    Wavecor cooperates with many high-quality loudspeaker systems around the world, and has also produced some special units for hi end audio brands, including cardeas, the flagship model of audio physical in Germany. S.m.s.l is also honored to select one of the products for the 10th anniversary of its poweredby wavecor design project.
    S.M.S.L Tabebuia wind Suzuki speaker specially designed wavecor bass unit.
    mellow and full
    Harmonic vibration
    The overall design of the "waebui" and "Suzuki" subwoofer unit must be designed to be completely vibration resistant and vibration resistant.
    Ingenious design
    In the simple and exquisite design, "Tabebuia wind Suzuki speaker" surface treatment process, the use of special matt finish, wear-resistant and does not change color.
    "Like a spring breeze"
    As soon as it opens, people can feel the sound box of "spring breeze".
    Huanghuafeng Suzuki flower language: Thank you, happy to come back again~
    Some things missed no longer have, like true love, youth, only one chance.
    Parameter introduction
    Bottom phase inversion hole design, can make the speaker more close to the wall, more flexible, and let the ultra-low frequency atmosphere better!
    For unbalanced box, the inner cavity can eliminate the beam wave.
    Asymmetric unit placement makes it easier to play with space (external / inward positioning of treble unit).
    The guide wave plate of the high pitched shallow horn, more stereo positioning, deliver the truth.
    Product installation guide
    Best distance from back wall: 50mm>650mm
    The speaker must be equipped with pin foot and leveling, which is used to exhaust the bottom phase inversion tube.
    Best distance from back wall: 50mm>650mm
    The recommended toe in inclination angle is within 20 degrees
    Sensitivity: 88dB(1W at 1 meter at 1 kHz)
    Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
    Maximum Amplifier Power: 100 watts per channel
    Frequency Response:56 Hz-32 kHz +/- 3 dB
    Woofer: 4.5 inch(11.43cm)
    Tweeter: 1 inch, Dome(2.54 cm)
    Size: (140W x 216L x 266D)mm
    Weight: @3.9kg
    Packing Size: (505 W x 335 L x 235 H)mm
    Packing Weight: 8.2kg
    *All speaker units are specially designed by wavecor Ltd.




SMSL Tabebuia 10th anniversary HIFI bass unit speaker

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