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    SMSL SP100 Tube Headphone Amplifier 6N3 HiFi AUDIO Stereo Tube Amplifier Output Transformer 2.0 Channel Tube Buffer 5.5W




    SMSL SP100 is a powerful and affordable full balance Hi-Fi headphone amp, It use the military grade 6N3 tube, NE5532 dual op amp, plus the well-designed and calibrated amplifier circuit, special ceramic gold-plated tube socket with blue illumination.




    All-aluminum body, CNC file workmanship, no burrs. Plexiglass panels, simple and elegant appearance.




    This headphone amplifier will produce warmth and resonance while delivering exceptional clarity.





    The tube adopts the classic 6N3, the sound quality is greatly improved compared with the low-end tube sound quality, the tone is warm and charming, very atmospheric, the sound is clear and delicate, and the dynamic is fierce. It is  almost  suited for any music types.




    Use the NE5532 dual op amp from TI (Texas Instruments), low noise, low distortion, high output drive capability, high unity gain and maximum Output swing bandwidth, especially suitable for high-quality and professional audio equipment.





    Large current headphone driver parallel NE3352*2,it gets much bigger driving current. This can maximize the performance of the headphones.  Equipped with a 6.35mm to 3.5mm Gold-plating headphone adapter.




    Use Japanese TOCOS volume adjustment potentiometer.




    It can be used as a sound source input through the RCA line with stereo systems such as smartphones, computers, iPads, DVDs or other audio devices.




    SMSL SP100 also can be used as Tube Pre-Amplifier, connected it with any type power amplifier,  upgrade the original system musicality and dynamic.




    Specially customized high efficiency, low noise power adapter.




    SP100 can be combined with SMSL M100 dac as a "100" suit.(Enjoy 10% discount)






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    Warm remind:The MCU controls the mute to avoid the impact sound of the switch machine.

SMSL SP100 Tube Headphone Amplifier

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