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    L.K.S Audio LKS MH-DA004Mini DA004 ES9038pro Flagship DAC CSR8670 Crystek CCHD-957 Amanero USB Audio Decoder AES/coaxial/I2S
    The design idea of ​​DA004Mini is derived from the rave reviews of the DA004 flagship version. The miniaturized appearance of the Mini retains most of the essence of the DA004 flagship version, such as Crystek femtosecond clock, unique Class A discrete output circuit, and multiple ultra-low noise Power supply and so on, make Mini this new miniaturized decoder has a very good sound foundation.
    MH-DA004Mini provides two configuration versions:
    The first is the standard version, which uses the standard Italian Amanero USB module of Musheng, and the module uses ordinary active crystal oscillator.
    The second is the USB upgrade version, using two expensive Crystek CCHD-957 ultra-low time base jitter active clocks, the sound field is more open, the sound is more fresh and moist, full and transparent.
    For friends who often use USB to connect to a computer, it is recommended that you purchase the USB upgrade version.
    The difference between the two versions is only in the USB receiving part, the other parts are completely the same, and the USB part will not affect the performance of other DAC interfaces.
    ■ Product description————————————————————————————————
    ★ Use ESS single ES9038pro DAC chip
    ★ Crystek CCHD575 ultra-low jitter clock as the master (82fS)
    ★ Class A output circuit derived from DA004 flagship version
    ★ 6 sets of AC power supply, a total of 12 sets of linear stabilized power supply design
    ★ Italy Amanero USB solution (USB and motherboard are designed for electrical isolation)
    ★ Built-in CSR Bluetooth module (CSR8670) supports APTX
    ★ Abundant input ports (AES, coaxial, optical fiber, USB, single-ended I2S, balanced I2S)
    ★ Single-ended and balanced output ports with switch mute function
    ★ Two high-quality power transformers
    ★ Full-featured remote control
    Enthusiasts with sufficient experience know that the DAC chip is only the basis of a machine. The most important thing is the design and adjustment of the peripheral circuit. In order to achieve the best sound reproduction effect using ES9038pro, Musheng will not compromise. Circuit design, such as using two high-quality transformers to achieve 6 sets of AC power supply, a total of 12 sets of low-noise voltage stabilized circuits (many key parts use two-stage voltage stabilization), the second stage of voltage stabilization uses the current industry’s highest performance The power chip is used to provide a fast response, ultra-low noise power supply with sufficient current margin.
    At the same time, in order to cope with ES9038pro’s unique super-high current signal output, Musheng specially designed IV conversion circuit. This part of the circuit is a purely discrete design. The substrates used are all audio triodes, twin field effect tubes, and audio mediums with extremely low noise indicators. The purpose of power tube and so on is to obtain the most accurate and natural sound reproduction. This circuit mode is unmatched by traditional integrated operational amplifier output (such as OPA627, AD797, LME49990, OPA1612, etc.).
    Musheng carried out the following designs in the most critical places:
    1. For the USB part, Musheng has always insisted on using the Italian Amanero USB solution. This is the industry-leading USB playback solution. It is recognized that this program has better sound than the popular xmos, and Musheng has improved on the basis of the original Italian version. The usb module of the board uses six sets of ultra-low noise LDOs for partial power supply (the original version is two LDOs). In addition, in the usb upgrade version, Musheng uses two Crystek ultra-low noise clocks to upgrade, and provides a self-powered ultra-low noise regulated power supply module for the decoder power transformer to power the usb module, which has a significant sound improvement effect , Very suitable for enthusiasts who use a computer as a player. And so one can save the cost of purchasing an external digital player.
    2. For the key master clock position, Musheng is equally uncompromising, using Crystek CCHD-575 femtosecond clock to provide the ES9038pro with a very low jitter rate (82fS@100MHz) clock supply. Experienced hobbyists know that when digital audio is restored, the clock is the soul of the system, and the importance of the clock can be seen from this. And for the purity of the clock signal, Musheng started from the source, the power supply, and used an independent set of AC power sources regardless of cost. After passing through a two-stage ultra-low noise voltage regulator, this clock was supplied separately, which greatly improved the sound. The quietness of the background and the stability of sound imaging.
    3. Musheng has designed independent power supplies for the left and right channels of the DAC chip, so that the power crosstalk of the left and right channels is reduced to a very low state as much as possible, resulting in excellent sound separation and extremely accurate Sound imaging stability.
    4. Musheng started to develop discrete circuits to replace traditional op amp chips three years ago, because traditional op amp chips are subject to the chip size and some innate factors of SOC integrated circuits, and make up the single parts of the internal circuit. The performance is very limited, and the thermal power consumption is extremely low. Basically all integrated op amp chips work at a very low quiescent current (less than 10mA). Even the advanced opa627 gold version in the eyes of enthusiasts is not enough. Dealing with the increasing audio output current of ES9018/28/38, so the overall quality performance cannot meet the demanding needs of audiophiles. The discrete output circuit developed by Musheng adopts twin JFET field effect tube input and 3A middle power tube output. It can easily meet the high current output processing of ES9038pro. After three years of accumulated more than 100 circuit parameter adjustments, the sound The performance is extremely natural, neutral, high and low frequency ductility is excellent.
    All ports of MH-DA004Mini DAC support DSD input (Coaxial, optical, BNC, AES/EBU are DoP input, USB, I2S, etc. support DoP, DSD native source code input)
    All online decoders of Musheng are designed with fully balanced analog circuits. Friends, please don’t ask if it’s true balance.
    The Italian Amanero USB module used by this machine supports PCM and DSD decoding in USB access mode. PCM supports various code rates from 44.1K to 384K, and DSD supports DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512 (Windows).
     Support 32/64 bit XP/Vista/win7/win8/win10 under Windows system, need to install proprietary driver (support KS/Wasapi/WDM/ASIO).
    Mac OS 10.6+ and Linux UAC2 do not require drivers.
    Download Amanero USB DSD driver and usage setting method (please copy the address below to open in the browser)
    ■ Specification—————————————————————————————————
          1. Single chip ES9038pro decoding method.
          2. Two high-quality toroidal transformers, a total of 12 sets of linear power supply.
          3. Built-in specially designed Italian Amanero USB module, authorized by the original factory license. The USB module adds a ground isolation chip to isolate the computer's interference signal to the audio system.
          4. Support USB, I2S/DSD single-ended signal (RJ45), I2S/DSD balanced signal (HDMI), coaxial, AES/EBU balanced, optical fiber, a total of six source input, all ports support DSD input.
          5. Analog audio output ports include a pair of standard RCA single-ended output and XLR balanced output.
          6. The display screen adopts VFD display screen, the display effect is outstanding.
          7. Use physical button operation.
          8. Support 0dB~-127dB digital volume adjustment, 0.5dB level. At the same time, it also has the function of remote control to skip volume adjustment.
          9. Support multiple digital filter mode settings (see user manual for details). It can be selected arbitrarily, and the attenuation characteristics of the digital filter are different in different filtering modes.
          10. Support decoding internal digital phase-locked loop bandwidth setting (see user manual for details).
          11. Support Deemphasis to increase on or off.
          12. The display has 4 levels of brightness adjustable. Adjust via remote control.
          13. Most of the settings have a memory function, the settings will be automatically saved when shutting down, and the settings will be restored when restarting.
          14.Dynamic range>134dB
          15. Distortion<0.0002%
          16.Stereo separation>120dB
          17. RCA unbalanced port output amplitude 2Vrms, XLR balanced port output amplitude 5Vrms.
          18.Machine size: width 290 * depth 385 * height 85mm
          19. Machine net weight 5.8kg
    ■ Packing list—————————————————————————————————
        Machine accessories include:
        1. Remote control*1
        2. Manual *1
            (Please download the electronic file from Mu-sound website http://www.mu-sound.com/ch/about.asp?id=3)
        3. Product Certificate
        4. Power cord
        5. USB cable
        6. Download the USB driver and use the setting method (please copy the address below to open in the browser)

L.K.S Audio MH-DA004Mini Audio Decoder

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