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    Mac/PC plug-n-play, no special software is needed, RCA and 6.35mm headphones outputs.
    USB and optical coaxial S/PDIF inputs, can choose the input mode. With the volume control knob that can adjust the headphones as well as the RCA output.
    Hi-Fi headphone amp chips TPA6120 OPA2134 with UPC1237 headphones protect circuit for any 16-300Ohm headphones.
    Stream bit-perfect 24bit/192Hkz HD with low jitter, built-in Cirrus CM6642 + CS8416 + CS4398 DAC chips, desktop or portable DAC, stereo headphone amp, and preamp.
    Small simple compact design, an audio interface between your computer and headphones, powered(active) speakers or any audio system and will improve the sound of all your music;
    Aluminum shell to sure high quality, Manufacturer-Direct, free lifetime technical support, and 12-month manufacturer's warranty. Feel free to contact us at smsl6781 @ we will reply to you within 2 hours;

    x6 pro


    Setup is easy and no special software is needed, making Q5 a true plug-and-play solution. The Q5 RCA output connects to any audio system or powered speakers, you can use USB, COAXIAL, OPTICAL as audio input, also you can choose the input way. The 12V power supply is included on the package.

    • USB and optical coaxial S/PDIF inputs, can choose the input mode. With the volume control knob that can adjust the headphones as well as the RCA output.

    Mac/PC plug-n-play, no special software is needed, RCA and 6.35mm headphones outputs .

    • Built-in Cirrus CM6642 + CS8416 + CS4398 DAC chips, Stream bit-perfect 24bit/192Hkz HD with low jitter;
    • Hi-Fi headphone amp chips TPA6120 OPA2134 with UPC1237 headphones protect circuit for any 16-300Ohm headphones;
    • The volume control can adjust the RCA output as well as the headphone output.




    The most interesting thing is that the DAC-X6 Pro does not require any additional drivers for its connection. You can connect it to Windows, Unix, MAC, iOS or even Android.



    However, this plus has a drawback. I am talking about ASIO support, and the CM6642 chip itself says so. To solve this situation, you can use ASIO4ALL or FL Studio ASIO, which is put together with a famous sequencer, which sounds more interesting to me.



    Since there is no Bluetooth, you must use an OTG cable to connect the DAC-X6 Pro to your smartphone or tablet. This will significantly extend the functionality of the device so that you can launch it directly from your tablet quickly, without any problems, for example, online music or output sound directly to your home stereo.



    Measurement: First, I tested the headphone output to 16 bits at 44.1 kHz.



    A slight drop in HF is perfectly acceptable. Everything is fine on the bass, but the 40 Hz meteorite is amazing.



    The transition to Hi-Res, 24-bit 96 kHz, shows a similar image.


    The nest formed here moves to 32 Hz. Of course, this is within the normal range and causes pure aesthetic interest.



    In any case, the noise is around -102 dB, which is also a very good result.



    The general deterioration of the transition to the queue made me even more surprised.



    The same is true for high-resolution measurements.


    It is difficult to understand why the noise frame has risen to -84 dB. This is of course not important, but usually the quality of the production line is higher than this. To clarify this, I first have to change the available op amps. Although you are right, we are caught in aestheticism.







    Quick tips
    problem-1:Please plug the power cord into the amp THEN the wall, plug the audio cables into amp THEN switch on?
    Reply:Some customers may see some slight sparks flying when they plug the power supply into the amplifier, because they use it in wrong way, you need to connect the amp to the power supply first, then plug the power supply into the 110v/220v AC outlet, don't worry about the sparks,, the capacitors need to charge when the power in, it's normal and safe.
    problem-2:What LEDs sometimes remain on or off?
    Reply:The amp will off when you switch off, but it's normal that the power LED light stay on even switch off, the power LED light on means the power supply in.
    problem-3:What will cause noise?
    Reply:Poor quality audio cables, Sound source, Speakers, Other interfering signals;Incompletely connections.
    problem-4:How to judge whether the noise from the amplifier?
    Reply:Unplug the RCA cable, connect this amp to speakers, and then plug into the power supply, power on and volume on, hear whether noise exists on speakers, if noise existed, the noise may from speakers or amp, so you need to change speakers for further confirmation. If no noise the noise may from the audio source.
    problem-5:All my lines are connected, but there is no sound output?
    1. Check if the POWER indicator is on. After the power button is pressed, the indicator still does not light. At this time, you can find an equivalent voltage output (which must be 12V) to test the machine for fault or power failure. If the POWER indicator is on, check if the corresponding input signal is selected correctly.

    2. If the above two points are checked or no sound, check if the VOL knob is in the minimum state, such as clockwise rotation in the minimum state.

    3. If both of the above are normal, check if the playback device of the input source is paused, muted, or the volume is at its minimum.
    problem-6:Why is the sound broken?
    Reply:Although this product is a DAC decoder, it can also be used as a pre-stage product. It has amplifying effect. If the volume of the rear-end device is adjusted to the maximum and the pre-stage is also adjusted to the maximum, it is easy to be distorted. You only need to turn down the volume of the front or rear level.
    problem-7:Why does the speaker have a large current sound?
    Reply: If you are not using the original standard power supply, please replace the power supply before testing. Many power supplies in the market have a large interference coefficient, which will cause a large current sound.
    problem-8:Why do I not play the sound source after I plug in the input cable, and the speaker will have a loud beep?
    Reply:When the unshielded signal line is used, the interference signal will enter the amplifier for amplification. If you hate this sound, you are advised to replace the shielded signal line or unplug the signal line.
    problem-10:Can the 6.35MM headphone output connector be connected to a microphone?
    Reply:No, the headphone jack is a signal output interface, not an input interface.
    problem-11:Why is the volume of the machine unchanged, and the sound source is different when accessing different audio sources (such as connecting the CD first and then changing to the mobile phone)?
    Reply:The amplitude of the output signal of different playback devices is different. For example, the mobile phone is usually 0.35MV, and the CD is 1V. The natural sound size is different.
    problem-11:Why is there no sound after the PC-USB is connected to the PC?
    Reply:First press the PC-USB operation to confirm whether the digital playback output is selected. If there is still no sound after selecting it, you can restart the computer and repeat the operation.
    If the above answer does not solve your usage problem, please contact us technical email: smsl6781 @



Dilvpoetry DAC-X6 PRO USB DAC Headphones Amplifier

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