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    + Before you start _ Charging

    CT5 Charging:

    * Charging : The white LED Indicator on your earphones turns on

    * Charging Complete : The white LED Indicator on your earphones turns off

    Charge the Charging Cradle:

    Charging Status : Charging cradle LED Indicator blink blue

    0%~25% = 1time

    25%~50% = 2times

    50%~75% = 3times

    75%~100% = 4times

    Fully Charged = Stays solid

    * Please charge the charging cradle periodically. When the cradle battery is discharged, the earphone units may turn-on instead of being charged, causing the earphone to be discharged.

    + Using the Product _ Power On / Off

    Auto: Out : Power On   In : Power Off

    Manual: Power On / Off : 4 Sec Press

    + Using the Product _ Pairing & connection

    * Use one of the following methods to switch from Single Mode to Dual Mode. - Press the multifunction button on the earphone that is not connected and wait briefly to switch to Dual Mode. - Turn off both units, then turn them on again (power cycling). Connect the units in Dual Mode.

    * Keep the product and a mobile phone within 1 meter when pairing.

    * If passkey input is required, enter a password or a PIN No. ‘0000’.

    * When the CT5 is off, press and hold the multifunction button for 6 seconds to enter pairing mode. * When powered on, the earphones will automatically connect to the most recently connected devices.

    After the initial pairing, the CT5 and your smartphone will connect automatically when the CT5 is on and Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. Dual mode : The CT5’s left and right earphones can be used together in stereo.

    1. When both earphones are removed at the same time from the charging cradle, they will automatically turn on , connect to each other, and enter pairing mode following an audible beep.

    2. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone or Bluetooth-capable device, and select ‘CT5 Bluetooth’ from the list of detected devices to pair and connect automatically.

    * To use Dual Mode, both the left and right earphones must be turned on.


    Single mode : The CT5’s left and right earphones can be used individually in mono.

    1. As previously shown, turn on the both L and R units of the CT5 and connect to Dual Mode.

    2. Then, only put L unit into the chagring cradle and select the detected ‘CT5 Bluetooth’ on your smartphone. The pairing of the R unit will be completed, and connected automatically.

    3. Now, between L and R units, you can use only the desired unit in Single mode connected automatically by removing it from the charging cradle.

    * In Single Mode, both the left and right earphones will be detected as ‘CT5 Bluetooth’. You can easily change their names to differentiate between each unit. (Android Smartphone)

    * In Dual Mode, L unit connects to your smartphone.

    * By using the CT5 in Single Mode, you can alternate between charging the left and right earphones ofr extended use. (Audio books, Podcasts, etc.)

    * Since Single Mode uses only one earphone, you can stay aware of environmental sounds and use the device more safely when walking or bicycling.

    + Using the Product _ Listening to Music·Calling

    * When using Dual Mode, sound will only be output to the left earphone during calls.

    * In Single Mode, each earphone will output sound with both microphones enabled for use.

    * Press and hold the multifunction button for 1 second to launch the voice recognition feature of your smartphone or tablet. (Android OS: Google Now / iOS:Siri / Window OS: Cortana - Except during calls)


    Driver unit: 6mm, Dynamic Canal Type
    Bluetooth: 5.0
    Bluetooth profile: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
    Standby time: about 150 hours
    Music playback time: Single ear mode: about 3.5 hours / Dual mode: about 3 hours
    Charging time: (50mAh): about 1 hour
    Connection distance: about 10 meters
    Weight: 4g * 2

COWON CT5 High Performance Wireless Earphones

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