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       Orders must be seen: Because each country's voltage is not the same, in order to avoid the phenomenon of burning electrical appliances, please note the selected voltage, 110v-130v or 220v-240v




    1. The third generation FPGA asynchronous regeneration technology, the jitter is as low as 237PS;
    2. Hard solution DSD256/384K, the sound is more pleasant;
    3. Coaxial DoP goes straight out of DSD128 and walks in the front end of the industry;
    4. Pure underlying audio decoding technology, a darker background;
    5. Freescale's 600MHZ core, rejecting Caton, jumping, and better performance;
    6. New remote control design, control and free;
    7. Added USB large storage interface to support 2T mobile hard disk;
    8. Added four tone filter adjustments to suit different tastes;
    9. Added pre-level function, the analog output volume can be adjusted;
    10. Upgrade equipped with AK4490 decoder chip, the analysis is better;
    11. New wide format power supply, high stability, small ripple, bring a darker background.







AUNE X5S 6th Digital Audio Player Decoder

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