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  • Description
    Technical Specifications:
    Dual Cirrus Logics DAC chips, CS43198
    5.0" 1080P Fullscreen Display
    Octa-Core ARM CPU with 2GB Ram
    32GB ROM
    MQA Decoding
    Decoding PCM up to 32-Bit/384kHz and up to DSD256 natively
    Signal to Noise Ratio of 130dB
    Bluetooth 5.0 with hi-res LDAC codec support
    Dual-Band Wi-fi Support
    Dual Output Ports, 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4 balanced
    USB DAC mode supported
    Up to 13 hours of battery life with Quick Charge 3.0 support
    iBasso is a very famous name in the Chi-fi audio industry, they have class-leading products in almost all the product line-ups in the market. Whether it be Digital Audio Players, USB Type-C DAC/AMP's or In-ear monitors, iBasso have top of line products in each and every range.

    iBasso has released a new version for its widely famous Android DAP, the iBasso DX160 2020 variant. The variant improves on several features from its predecessor.

    Improved Buffer:
    iBasso has upgraded the buffer size, the improved new buffer has a higher slew rate, wider bandwidth, and higher current output. This helps in improving the overall amplification power while maintaining a cleaner sound decoding.

    CTIA 3.5mm Port:
    The brand has changed the previous 3.5mm output port to CTIA 3.5mm port, which is the most commonly used port and enables the users to use Mic and Music control keys on the cables of earphones.

    JDI Crisp 1080P Display:-
    iBasso has switched to JDI(Japan Display Inc.) for its screen manufacturing. The new display has the same 1080p resolution but it provides better viewing angles and crisp clarity as compared to the 2019 variant.

    Dual Cirrus Logic DAC Chip's:
    The iBasso DX160 is equipped with a class-leading setup of dual DAC chips from Cirrus Logics, they are well known for their high performing DAC chips. The DX160 has Two CS43198 chips working flawlessly, decoding the music with amazing clarity and details. The DAC setup is able to decode PCM up to 32-Bit/384kHz or DSD up to DSD256 natively. The sound output through the setup offers great clarity with no background noise or jitter. The sound output has a warm and neutral sound output profile which provides enough power to power most of your headphones with higher power requirements. The player supports MQA decoding, providing you the ability to decode the master quality audio files and enjoy your music, the way it was actually recorded in the first place.

    Octa-Core CPU with 2GB RAM:
    The iBasso DX160 features an octa-core ARM CPU, which is coupled with 2GB LPDDR3 RAM. They collectively provide the user with a lag-free and smooth user experience, even with thousands of songs in your library, the navigation will be silky smooth and crisp. You will never find any delay or lag in the device as it is powered by a very powerful CPU.

    Dual Output Ports:
    Apart from a CTIA 3.5mm port the iBasso DX160 2020 variant also features a balanced 4.4mm port. The device is capable of churning out a power voltage of up to  6.4 Vrms, which will easily power all of your IEM's and earbuds.

    Bluetooth 5.0 Support with Hi-Res Codecs support:
    The iBasso DX160 features bi-directional Bluetooth 5.0 support, which offers a stable and lag-free Bluetooth connection with hi-res codecs supports like the LDAC, AptX, and many more. The Bluetooth connectivity is strong and stable, with no signal delays.

    3200mAh Battery with Quick Charge Support:
    The iBasso DX160 is equipped with a 3200mAh battery which provides continuous music playback for up to 13 hours of music. And even if that is not enough for you the device supports Quick Charge 3.0 and PD2.0 which charges the battery quickly and gives you enough juice to run your music library through an entire day.

    Curved Elegant Aluminium Body:
    The iBasso DX160 has a 3D curved color veneered glass back cover and a precise machined curved aluminum body, the player looks simple, elegant, and beautiful. Available in four different colors, the DX160 looks stunning in each and every color with a golden colored shiny volume wheel.

    Package Contents:
    One iBasso DX160
    One USB Type-C Charging Cable
    One Protective Case
    One Screen Protector
    Warranty Card
    User Guide

iBasso DX160 Portable Music Player

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