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  • Description

    Boyuu MT-34 HIFI Tube Amp EL34 Push-Pull Tube Amplifier Lamp amp 220v-240v

    Basic technical parameters:

    • Input Sensitivity: 550mV
    • Output power: ​ 2 times 35 watt (Ultra-linear connection mode)
      2 x 15w (Triode connection mode, can be switched)
    • SNR: 88dB
    • Input impedance: 100KOmega
    • Output Impedance: 4 ohm, 8 ohm
    • Input voltage: 220v-240v 50/60Hz
    • Power consumption: 230W
    • Frequency response: 30Hz-45KHz
    • Dimension: 378W x 287D x 178H mm
    • Package volume: 500x450x300H
    • net Weight: 18 KG
    • Input Jack: RCA x 3 Gold Plated
    • Input voltage: 220-240v 50-60hz
    • Tube: 
      Voltage tubes : 6N1J x 3.
      Power tubes : SHUGUANG EL34x4.
      Rectifier tube : 5Z4x1.
    • Features and materials:
      • Current latest version , The connection mode can be switched between Ultra-Linear mode and Triode mode on the front panel
        Power Transformer: Imported 0.35, stacked thick 50MM (96-50).
      • Output Transformer cores: Imported 0.35 (76-40)
      • Chassis: Imported mirror stainless steel chassis.
      • Corners aluminum column: high-grade aluminum CNC machining, diamond knife speed car system.
      • High pressure UseLarge inductance Pi-type power filter
      • Two internal stiffeners
      • ALPSrsquos volume potentiometer, Philip-srsquos audio capacitor for Coupling and Power filter, Panaso-nicrsquos audio capacitor for Cathode compensation, Taiwanrsquos Military-grade 5 ring resistances
      • Silver solder wire

      BOYUU is special for frabrication of HIFI Transformers for JAPAN and others markets, and one of leader transformer brand chinesse, then itrsquos why the BOYUUrsquos amplifier transformers are beter for ather brand.

    1Reisong-Boyuu-MT-34-EL34-Push-Pull-Tube-Amplifier-HIFI-EXQUIS-6CA7-Lamp-amp-BYMT34 (1)Reisong-Boyuu-MT-34-EL34-Push-Pull-Tube-Amplifier-HIFI-EXQUIS-6CA7-Lamp-amp-BYMT34 (2)Reisong-Boyuu-MT-34-EL34-Push-Pull-Tube-Amplifier-HIFI-EXQUIS-6CA7-Lamp-amp-BYMT34 (3)Reisong-Boyuu-MT-34-EL34-Push-Pull-Tube-Amplifier-HIFI-EXQUIS-6CA7-Lamp-amp-BYMT34 (4)Reisong-Boyuu-MT-34-EL34-Push-Pull-Tube-Amplifier-HIFI-EXQUIS-6CA7-Lamp-amp-BYMT34 (5)Reisong-Boyuu-MT-34-EL34-Push-Pull-Tube-Amplifier-HIFI-EXQUIS-6CA7-Lamp-amp-BYMT34

Boyuu MT-34 HIFI Tube Amp

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